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Applied Range
  • E-TPU
  • PU
  • EVA cold & hot pressure
  • EVA carving
  • EVA special shape
  • EPP
  • EVA injection
  • Features

    Environmental advantages: non-toxic foaming agent, environmentally friendly raw materials;

    No toxic substances are emitted during the whole molding process, and the process is environmentally friendly;

    The finished product is degradable, theoretically 100% recyclable, and the finished product is environmentally friendly;

    Performance Advantage: high rebound rate;

    Abrasion resistance, folding resistance, yellowing resistance; low compression set; material properties are not sensitive to temperature changes;

    Efficiency advantages: continuous, efficient physical foaming method; efficient, high-quality product molding;

    Application Field
    Leisure shoes, environmentally friendly floor runway, smart home, decorative filling, sports equipment, etc.
  • Features

    Environmental protection and fire resistance: Polyurethane products are non-toxic and non-polluting, and have excellent fire resistance by adding flame retardants;

    Excellent thermal insulation: low thermal conductivity, it is an excellent thermal insulation material used in building materials, decoration, electrical appliances, etc;

    Stable chemical properties: polyurethane products are chemically stable and have a long service life;

    Adjustable physicality: The density and hardness of the product can be adjusted according to different requirements. The density can be adjusted from 100 to 1000, and the hardness (Shore) is 10-100;

    Wide applicability: Based on excellent physical and chemical properties, polyurethane foam materials have a wide range of applications in various industries;

    Application Field
    Children's toys, medical care, building materials decoration, insulation materials, maternal and child supplies, automotive products, etc
  • Features

    Water resistance: closed cell structure, no water absorption, moisture resistance, good water resistance.

    Corrosion resistance: resistant to seawater, oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals, antibacterial, non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting.

    Processability: no joints, and easy to hot press, cut, glue, fit and other processing.

    Anti-vibration: high resilience and high tensile strength, high toughness and good shock/buffering performance.

    Insulation: heat insulation, heat preservation and low temperature performance, can withstand severe cold and exposure.

    Sound insulation: closed cells, good sound insulation.

    Application Field
    Luggage, sports equipment, electronics, automotive industry, toys
  • Features

    High processability: computer programming, accurate internal dimensions, simple die-cut surface, and the entire product is engraved once.

    The product does not need to be stamped, does not need multi-layer bonding, and the whole appearance of the package is made of a whole piece of material according to the product size requirements, and the overall appearance is flat and beautiful, and the product grade is more obvious.

    Application Field
    Medical equipment, craft gifts, precision instrument packaging
  • Features

    According to different shape and shape requirements of the product, different processes are selected for processing, including grinding, wire cutting, stamping, etc., which can be selectively selected to produce a variety of unique products while maintaining the original performance of the EVA material. influences.

    Application Field
    Toys, teaching aids, sports equipment, etc.
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About us
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Guangdong GeLin New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the famous city of manufacturing-Dongguan which is settled in the core of the Great Bay Area. Also belongs to the world famous woolen town-Dalang, next to the Songshan Lake National High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Within a few kilometers of the neutron source & South China National New Material Base and Huawei Terminal Headquarter. The company is a high-tech enterprise which is engaged in plasticized, nano and polymer materials in integrated R&D, producing and sales-oriented.
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    The company mainly conducts research and development and production of etpu foaming technology.
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